Scrum Time features

Current tasks overview

The overview of your current tasks is a revolutionary and a very effective method. Just take a single glance at the Dashboard and see what everyone is busy with, who is responsible for what and if anyone has got any problems. In case of emergency you can make changes to the workflow immediately, due to the versatility of our system. All you have to do is to move the tickets.

Scrum-style tasks allocation

Allocating different tasks for execution could be rather challenging. It requires much attention and forethought. Thanks to our UI, during allocation you can add tasks from Backlog to any Sprint just in one move.

Projects & Tasks

When creating a project, you can choose who will be responsible for all the tasks and select team members. During task creation you have all the necessary fields, which guarantees that the aims of the task will be clear to every member of the team. You can rely upon these fields to get the necessary statistics about the progress of your work.


During your work you always need to write down some thoughts, to save useful URLs or something like this. It is possible, but not quite correct and convenient to create separate tasks for this (e.g. 'Talk to the designer') or open the Notebook application each time you need to do it. We've added the Notes module to our system to help you.

Interactive Events Calendar

While Scrum-style tasks overview can be described as revolutionary, the calendar style is pure classics. Besides, you don't have to create separate tasks for the calendar, because Scrum Time has got it covered. All you have to do is to switch to the desired view.

Convenient messenger

Rarely a work goes on without you communicating with your colleagues. You always need to discuss this or that task, to solve a problem or just to congratulate somebody with a Birthday. You won't need any third-party communication apps for this, because Scrum Time has a convenient built-in messenger.

Sorting by Tags

When you work on similar tasks, the progress goes faster. For example, if a developers decides to begin working with a certain database, he will be more likely to continue in the same direction, because he has all the dev environments set up, all the reference books open, and so on. Jumping from one type of work to another is not a good option, because your tempo goes down as well as your mood. You can sort the tasks according to their types with 'Sort by Tag' feature.

Detailed reports and graphs

Work control and analysis are important parts of Scrum as well as of any other process. A person will continue to make mistakes, unless he learns from them. It is not easy at all to be aware of all the details of your team's work. We have decided to help you and make it less painful: all you need to do is to check our detailed reports and graphs, which include Burndown Chart, Velocity and many more.

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