What is Scrum Time?

What is it?

It's not a secret that we often fail to organize our professional and individual activities properly. We forget some things, do not consider some details, fail to think a few steps ahead, because it is extremely challenging to keep huge amount of information in our heads and make progress at the same time. But what we lack is just one tool or an assistant, as you may also call it. We've managed to create the perfect mechanism which will increase the speed of any kind of production or a personal plan.

How does it work?

Upon registering in the system you will see something like a task manager that is built upon certain principles. These principles are closely integrated into Scrum, which is used by a wide variety of structures and companies from all over the world, be it Nokia, Microsoft or FBI. Now you also have the opportunity to use this system both for your personal projects and the needs of larger companies.

System Interface

System Dashboard is an area where you can easily reposition your tasks according to their completeness. Seemingly simple UI bears powerful algorithms and tools, which are described in the Features section of this website. For example, a convenient instant messenger to chat with your friends and colleagues, a set of detailed reports and graphs used to show you the things you've missed during the working process, and many others.

What does it give?

If you're a company, you receive the complete set to control your Scrum team. Our system can make your production much more effective, constantly providing up-to-date information about the performance of both of your team and its separate members. You will be able to see the problematic areas as well as variants of their solution: what are the reasons for the delay, who was responsible for it, who took part in the process and where is the weakest link. Our system knows everything about it. We have designed a set of convenient reports, graphs and diagrams based on Scrum and other productivity systems and successfully integrated it into a single product. You will have constant control of your team and its improvement. Just imagine what you can achieve if you try it. If you have signed up for your personal needs, you will find a completely new approach to the way you complete your tasks.

How does if differ from other Task Managers?

Many task-managers use the following concept: the user creates the tasks and he also completes them. Or it could be done by linking certain objectives to a certain date in a calendar. The task in the first variant often lack the date of start and the due date. And as for the second variant, any random factor, which the user doesn't have control of, can break the plan and the due dates are shifted, often overlapping other tasks. It can result in failure of the working process. Moreover, the user falls into a pessimistic mood. As for Scrum Time, you create a certain period of time (Sprint - usually represented by 2 weeks or a month) and rush it like a sprinter. In order to succeed in time, you evaluate each task according to its difficulty and estimated, you set priorities, create check-lists and after this you start with all the necessary tools at your disposal.

Is it difficult?

Scrum is designed to be easy and user friendly. Nothing must distract you from your work. However, there are certain difficulties in evaluating the teamwork results, revealing the problematic points, upgrading, etc. All these mechanisms lay in the core of Scrum and are present in our project as well. But you won't have do complicated calculations or look for workflow processes interconnection, because our system has got it covered.
The most common Scrum difficulties are connected with the remote interaction of the team members. But our project there is an elaborate system of various interactions, help signals and notifications.
We also created a detailed knowledge base about Scrum. It explains the basics of workflow organization (be it a company or a personal project) in layman terms.

Time of Scrum Time