Scrum Time: The project management system based on Scrum, Kanban, XP
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Scrum-based Project Management System

Achieve incredible results with Scrum Time.
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What is Scrum Time?

Scrum Time is a Project Management System is a workgroup control tool, a planner, and a task manager all in one. You get it free of charge or for a minimal price.

Learn Scrum using Scrum Time

Make a breakthrough in organizing your professional activities. You will be surprised how easy it could be to solve the seemingly difficult and intricate tasks. It turns out that the right approach is all that is necessary. Our service and Scrum methodology give you these wonderful opportunities.

A simple UI and a wide range of capabilities combined

An ideal system for managing your projects should be as effective as Scrum itself. Our software is based on powerful algorithms and has a simple and friendly interface.

A most detailed rating system

Based on Scrum, our Project Management System provides a graphic representation of the effectiveness of your working process. We have created simple and clear graphs and diagrams, which allows you to be aware of the progress and work quality of your team.

Convenient for any type of screen

The adaptive interface will not make you be attached to a particular device. No matter what your screen size is or which device you are using - managing your projects will be equally effective.

Three types of projects

The List

The List

A brief and simple type of project used for easy tasks. It can be also treated as a task-manager as all the items you add are shown in a basic list-view. Such format is suitable for those who like to save time and don't want to delve deep into Scrum methodology.



Scrum-style dashboard with a limited amount of Scrum features. The Dashboard allows you to overview all the running tasks and their progress. It can be used both with team-based projects and individual ones. The workflow is free and based on self-regulation. The actions are performed by a single move within a user-friendly interface and don't need any instructions.

Scrum Style

Scrum Style

Scrum format includes the most important feature – the Dashboard, but it also adds the workflow and personal tasks organization logic. Everything here is built upon Scrum and all the necessary Scrum-tools are included. If you decide to use this type of project, you must understand Scrum terminology: Sprint, Meeting, Story Points, etc.. For this, please refer to Infobase section.

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