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Development Team

Development Team

We tend to think that a "work unit" means a single person, if we talk about human resources. But in Scrum it is a bit different: it is the Development Team which is a work unit. It is completely full-fledged, self-organizing and self-managing. It is an organism, which consists of separate elements.

First things first

A Scrum Team completes all the tasks during Sprints and are being responsible for all the work they do.

Scrum Team is not big. The most common size of a Scrum team is about 5-9 people.

The main functions of a Scrum Team are:

  • Development process according to the client’s wish-list;
  • Keeping track of their own results (together with the Scrum Master);
  • Making decisions concerning the development and design;
  • Evaluates the elements of the Product Backlog
  • The Team is responsible for the results to the Product Owner

It is necessary to discard the common idea about roles and positions. Each member has his own unique functions, but he also bears related knowledge. This allows the Team to become a single entity.

Development companies often practice isolating their employees in separate "cubes", where each one has his own working space. Scrum doesn’t accept this practice. In order to complete a task in an effective manner, all the team members must have an opportunity to communicate to each other freely, solving any appearing problem or simply consulting.

Main features of a Development Team

The team is completely self-organized

A Development Team is fully self-organized. Nobody influences the Development Team’s working process, even the Scrum Master.

all the skills

A Development Team bears all the skills, necessary to develop the current product.

Product Developer

There is only one position in a Development Team – a developer. Any other positions are discarded.

Development does not have a hierarchy

There is no hierarchy or subdivisions within a Development Team. Everything is discussed within it.

A member of the development team has specialized knowledge

Each member has his own specialized knowledge, but the whole team is responsible for the project.



Scrum Master

Scrum Master

Let’s try understand once and for all what does the notion Scrum Master mean and what are the duties of a Scrum Master.

Product Backlog

Product Backlog

Product Owner

Product Owner
Project Manegement
Project Manegement
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